In January 2000 I photographed ” The last day of a Giant ” in Leipzig, Germany: The Zentral Stadion. The stadium of the one hundred thousand. Build in 1956 by thousand of volunteers out of the hard dirt of the Second World War, was the larges arena in Germany and the second largest in Europe. In 1957 there was unofficial count of 110.000 thousand spectators at the WM qualifier game between DDR and Tschechoslowakia The replacement was constructed inside the wall of the old arena for the Football Works Championships 2006 in Germany.

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  • the tunnel
    the tunnel
  • tribune with loudspeakers
    tribune with loudspeakers
  • East tribune, SportForum
    East tribune, SportForum
  • the caretaker
    the caretaker
  • floodlight bulb
    floodlight bulb
  • on the floodlightning pylon
    on the floodlightning pylon
  • floodlightning pylons
    floodlightning pylons
  • view from the floodlighting pylon
    view from the floodlighting pylon
  • score board
    score board
  • stadion sign
    stadion sign
  • referee tower
    referee tower
  • the wall
    the wall
  • brushwood
  • View from Glockenturm
    View from Glockenturm
  • Glockenturm