Burgenland - Austria

Burgenland is the easternmost and least populous state in Austria. Burgenland and Hungaria share the Neusiedler See, Austria´s largest lake.This region is very well known for wine growing. Being located so far east, Burgenland is a bit laid back and still very traditional.

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  • Burgenland, sun set
    Burgenland, sun set
  • Traditional bakery
    Traditional bakery
  • Pastry
  • Bakery still
    Bakery still
  • Goose farmer
    Goose farmer
  • Grazing geese
    Grazing geese
  • Watch out!
    Watch out!
  • Burgenland, wine country
    Burgenland, wine country
  • Goose quill
    Goose quill
  • Splicing at home
    Splicing at home
  • Goose diner
    Goose diner